Wireless - Mobile Digital Data
WAP is the initial gateway to a new world of mobile data. It provides a universal standard which enables users to easily access Web-based interactive information services and applications from the screens of their mobile phones.

These include both consumer and corporate solutions, like e-mail, corporate data, news, sports and information services, entertainment, TV/movies, travel, leisure, culture, medical care, electronic commerce transactions and banking services. This is only the beginning.

WAP provides the indicator to services and value added in the channel to clients in a wireless world. 

Extensions to the Wireless concept illustrated by WAP revolve around the maturing 3G network capability and IP convergence on those networks. Svelte has carefully analysed the architectural evolution of the capabilities on these new networks. With application and device availability improving and real examples of added-value services becoming a reality Svelte can ensure efficient re-use of technical assets across multiple networks.   

The strategic software architecture® encapsulates generic notions of the business and technical application of all the key wireless standards.

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